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    Love the theme, great work. Just a few questions related to

    1. I love the “Share and Follow” plugin and use it on all my blogs (see for a functioning version); however, in my blog that uses the WP Cover theme, the icons are indented… any idea where in the CSS I can adjust this?

    2. If I put a featured image in my post (which I do in all of them), it messes up the font and I have to manually fix it. Any idea why?

    For example, see the difference in the first stanza and second stanza here:

    3. I have removed the “Popular” and “Featured” sections from the front page, but before I did I noticed that they would use the featured image code instead of the post copy if I had the featured image set at the top of the post; just thought you’d want to know.

    4. Is there any way to change the order of the share icons? Or maybe select which ones are included/removed?

    Daniel Tara

    Hi, sorry for the delayed answer.

    1. If you mean that on hover the buttons go 1 pixel up, just remove this from the css

    ul.share_save_list li a:hover img

    2. Featured images only appear on post lists, not on single posts. If you’re referring to images with caption, that’s because by default they’re aligned center, as per the guidelines on

    3. Yes, they have a different way of approach. I should rewrite parts of those sections.

    4. Just by manually editing. The function is in functions.php and is called [code]share_save_container[/code]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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