Problems after installing WP Security Pluggin

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    First, thanks a lot for your nice theme!
    After a lot of trying and testing (I’m a real beginner in informatics!), I began openning my blog to public today (click here).
    I haven’t achieved the whole processus yet, because, unfortunately, I discovered the WP Security Plugging today, and I thought it would be a fine thing to install it. Since that moment, the blog hasn’t been functionning correctly anymore: The image on the home page isn’t at its right place any more and the link to the article shows up the error404 message.
    I tried to to desinstall the plugging, but it didn’t help anything, so I installed it again. What can I do?

    Thanks for your help!
    P.S.: You can answer me also in German or French.

    Daniel Tara

    Apparently you have made changes to the theme files and chose to display the content instead of the excerpt in a non-standard way. We can’t help if this is the case.



    Thanks for your answer. (I felt quite helpless, that’s why I answer only now…)
    In the meantime, I have
    – deleted the Pinboard theme, the whole data base, WordPress and
    – reinstalled and configured everything.

    But the problems of the homepage continue – it’s a huge mess:
    – some texts aren’t displayed at all or
    – one of the texts is shown up before the title appears, and it is shown integrally, although I put in the tag more.
    – And there’s a big blank.

    My question:
    Is this problem related to the new version of Pinboard? If yes, could you please tell how to resolve it?
    Or is there another hidden place on the data base (or somewhere else) which still has to be cleaned?

    Thanks for helping me

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