Question about Padding on Post Entries and Image/Text Widgets

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    Could you Please advise me as to the correct variable or place to look for – to edit the spacing (padding) that is around all of the post entries as well as the additional spacing (padding) that is at the bottom and the top of any text or image widget added to the right column?

    I have tried nearly every place that I can locate padding and cannot seem to reduce it. There’s just too much negative space between the post entries and at the top of those widgets and I’d like to clean it up.

    This is a lovely template but it seems getting questions answered is a but difficult.

    I am providing a screen shot image with pink arrows that point to the padding I am referring to. (I do NOT mean the padding INSIDE a post entry or widget) I mean the padding around it –

    If there weren’t so many different places that utilize percentages, I may have already found it myself, but I’m fresh out of ideas – and I don’t know the template as well as I am sure that you do, since you built it.

    Please advise ~

    Here is the screen shot::

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    Daniel Tara

    Because of the complex grid system this theme has those values are located all over the stylesheet and the used values depending on what layout you are using. In short the padding of posts are located in selectors that contain .entry and padding of widgets in selectors that contain .widget.


    Thank you, I’ll look into those.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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