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    The Pinboard theme has a good responsive design when it comes to resizing most things for mobile devices.

    However, when I am using the textbox widget, on the main page, the images are not resized according to the screen, they are forced onto the next page. I can set a width or height function, but then it just becomes fixed no matter the design and will not work on all devices.

    An example of what I am talking about is at the “Best In Travel” section. On a laptop it is fine, but on a mobile it will push the Backyard Adventures section to the next line by itself which makes it look awkward instead of shrinking it. I haven’t used any width/height functions, the images are just the px that I uploaded them as. If I shrink the px it will work or use the width/height functions too it also works, but then the images won’t be large enough on the main screen for a laptop.

    Does anyone know some CSS or html code to help fix this? I have 2 other sections I need to fix as well, similar to this. Essentially I’m trying to make the text boxes responsive with multiple images in them.


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