"Search" and "Search this website" not in the POT file

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    Hi, I’ve translated the Pinboard theme in italian but the strings “Search” and “Search this website” in the searchform.php file are not present in the POT index.

    Can you add in future update and verify if there are other missing strings so I can complete the translation?

    Thank you.



    Other strings:
    Retina Header Image
    Uploaded header images are HiDPI images for retina displays, downsize on normal screen devices.
    Post Thumbnails
    Portfolio Category
    Archive Page Location
    Full posts to display
    Page Background Color
    Menu Background Color
    Dropdown Menus Background Color
    Site Location Background Color
    Content Background Color
    Post Meta Background Color
    Footer Widgets Background Color
    Footer Background Color

    Thank you.


    Though not with the same language (as I don’t speak any Italian), I currently have the same issue on my website. Would be much appreciated if there was a solution for this.


    Up. Please add these strings…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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