Search icon in header appears at half normal height

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    krafting kelly

    I’m very new to WordPress and I love the Pinboard theme. I don’t know anything about reading or changing codes.

    This morning I did a few recommended plugin updates (Google Adsense and Pinterest PinIt hover…). Once I had done that, I noticed my search icon in the header with the social media buttons was suddenly half its normal height. It still expands when you click on it and functions the way it should, but is short and ugly compared to what it was.

    What’s my best course of action here? Do I fix something in code? Do I deactivate those plugins to see if the search icon goes back to normal? I wouldn’t have thought they would have anything to do with altering something in my header area, but those updates seem the likely culprit.

    I appreciate any help. Here’s my website:

    Daniel Tara

    Add this to your custom styles:

    #header input#s {
    	box-sizing: content-box;
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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