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    I had been embedding the images in the post but read in one of the forum posts that that is why 2 small images are showing up in the single page. SO I tried attaching an image to the post from the media library. Then when I go to the post, I don’t see it and it doesn’t show up on the home page slide show – only the name and information show up. If I click on the name, then the single page shows the single image.

    I guess I just don’t understand the process. When I embedded the image, it showed up great in the slider, but small in the single post. When I attach the image, it doesn’t show up and I don’t know where to set it as a Featured Image.

    By the way, is there documentation or is this how everyone does it: repeatedly searching the forum, lots of trial and error….


    I forgot to say that the website I’m working on is

    Daniel Tara

    Attaching the image has no effect unless the image or gallery post format are selected. To set it as the slider image use the “Set Featured Image” link when editing the post.

    There is a readme.txt bundled with the theme and the code also contains documentation.

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