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    I just converted my craft blog to Pinboard and I love it. I need to change the way I format my photos before I make use of the slider feature, and the overall design is still a work in progress, but I love how clean the navigation is compared to so many craft blogs out there.


    I built my web portfolio website using the pinboard theme:
    I customized the menubar a little bit. I lost my lightbox functionality (for the gallery posts) when I upgraded to version 1.0.8. Other than that, I am very happy with this theme.

    Thanks for creating and sharing this theme.



    my website

    Really love the pinboard theme, thank you very much for creating it!


    Hi I used Pinboard for my site which just launched in May.
    It’s my first time doing any website – I am no programmer. So I had to teach myself as well as ask a million questions on forums.


    Thank you for the pinboard theme! I love it. I used it for my organic catering company. Check it out here:

    These are premature questions since I haven’t thoroughly read through the documentation but….

    (1) I want to update each page to have its own slider and not have the right sidebar. Can anyone help with this?

    (2) Also is there a way to make the header and nav bar ‘absolute’ so when a user scrolls down the page, the header and nav bar will always be there?

    Thank you for providing this theme!


    Thanks for the awesome pinboard theme.

    I’m still working on it. Not sure about the Color scheme.
    I modified the linkedIn PNG on the Header to make it an Envelope image with a link to an anchor on the footer.


    Loving some of the different customizations I’m seeing on peoples websites.

    I love the theme, and while im still playing around with it abit, so far here is mine.

    Its my drinking blog I recently gave a make-over after a year and a half on our old design.


    Here is mine… it’s a travel blog that will be heavy on photos as well.

    All critique is welcome! I just launched this month and I still have some work to do!



    HappysHawaii — how did you get your logo across the top of the header like that? And how did you get rid of the search bar in the header? Thanks!


    ShannonElizabeth, go to Appearance –> Header and upload a logo.

    Also in Appearance –> Widgets, I removed the search bar under the Header section

    Happy WordPressing!


    Thanks happyhawaii,

    I went to Appearance > Widgets and there is nothing showing in my Header bar, that’s why I am confused as to how to remove it???

    For the Header Logo, I made a Photoshop file that was long enough to span the entire header, but it keeps getting cropped to a small rectangular photo and placed in the left side corner… so confused why the entire long image won’t show up??


    I am using Pinboard.
    The theme is amazing and I did some customizing for the posts. Thank you for this hard work.

    You can find it here (sorry, it is in Spanish):


    I am using the pinboad theme, here it is:

    How do I put a full blown picture beneath the navigation bar? Thank you. God Bless.

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