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    Hi One Designs,

    Thanks for the theme – after a week of trawling through themes that weren’t quite right yours is just what we needed – except we seem to have an issue with the sidebar.

    I have it set to ‘sidebar right’, but it only seems to give me a very thin working area, with a big gap between that and the main content. I’m am trying to add a youtube widgit to the sidebar to stream a playlist, but it squeezes it into a very small space. I am only basically IT-literate, but don’t seem to be able to find an obvious way to change this…

    The site is here, and I have re-enabled the youtube widgit so you can see what i mean about it being constrained to a thin slice of screen-space…

    Any help is much appreciated,
    Frank Jeffries

    Daniel Tara

    Instead of adding the widget to Sidebar Left, add it to Sidebar Top. It will still show up in the left sidebar, only full-width.

    The sidebar names are a bit counter-intuitive, but except the header and footer sidebars they’re all in the right one.


    Wicked, thanks Daniel – we now have the right width, though the height is a bit weird – I will have a mess around and see if I can sort it, if not i may be back with another question. Thanks again!


    I solve this by changing the sidebar-right class inside style.css
    Changed width to 100% worked perfect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)


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