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    Hello. I am a big fan of Pinboard. With all the themes out there, I keep coming back to Pinboard.

    I have a header image in place and would like to show the site-title in the header image, as the logo, so to speak.

    I made a customs CSS to modify the “site-title” id. I managed to change the font size, letter-spacing and padding but not the color. I want it to be #fff but it doesn’t take and I don’t see where it is overridden.

    My second problem is that I cannot seem to move the text any higher. I want it to be on the image. Somehow, the site-title and the image seem to be connected inseparably. I also played with “#site-title img” and “#site-title a”.
    It would be great if someone could help solve this.



    I managed to change the color to white! With “color: #fff !important;”
    I wonder if I can get the text to appear on the image as well.
    I’ll keep trying and hoping for help from the forum. Will post updates if I succeed.

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