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    Daniel Tara

    Tell me what features and improvements you would like to see in this website and share any other suggestion you have.


    Can’t seem to search the forum, or am I being silly? o.O


    Another other great option would be to have a homepage option where there is a left-sidebar and right-sidebar with content in the middle. I have been trying to edit the CSS on the ‘Appearance’>’Theme options’>’Layout’ tab but it won’t update.

    I am having problems searching the forum too.


    I would like you to answer to supports questions in the themes forum.


    Hi, I use the Pinterest theme (which I love) but would love some more flexibility with the ‘featured photo’ option.

    I have a category of posts which is quite different to most of what i do on my site (fun vs more serious), I don’t use the featured photo option for the ‘fun’ posts, as it makes my homepage look really random with a mix of fun and serious.

    I put categories on the primary menu which appears at the top of my homepage. When someone clicks on the fun category, i would like the posts to have featured photos. Ie. I would like featured photos to appear on the category’s page, but not on the home page, if that makes sense.


    Pinboard – Like it a lot, thanks. I would like to be able to choose one particular post, to act as a ‘home post” so on a full page display post ‘abc’ spans the top and the other posts form the columns. At the moment the most current post forms the top section followed in date order by the others. Perhaps a sticky post in the top – haven’t worked out sticky posts yet. Also an option to remove current search icon (sidebar_header.php <?php //get_search_form(); ?>)




    Please fix the font size css for desktop browser for this forum. Normal text is currently rendered at 19px, which makes the site pretty unusable with default ‘zoom’ in webkit based browsers.

    Please expand the maximum length of subjects when creating an issue.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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