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    Hi Daniel, I’m baaaaaaaaaack πŸ™‚

    Still very happy with the theme. Really looking good and mostly working fine.

    My question is general, but based on two specific situations.

    I have several bugs that I can’t seem to find info on to fix. One has to do with the RSS. It started with the /feed just halting on Facebook (I think, after I installed a backup plugin). Then I switched to the /?feed=rss2 feed from the header, but that doesn’t include images. I don’t know how to analyze where the problem is, in either case.

    Second, ShareDaddy icons won’t show on Pages – only on Posts. But the words “Share This” appear, which just frustrates people. Again, don’t know where the problem is and could not find anyone else with the problem.

    So what I am wondering is two things:
    1. How does one analyze the source of a problem, when one is NOT a designer? Are there basic steps that I should be following?

    2. Is there a place/person you would recommend, who fixes these kinds of minor things on an hourly or fee-based rate? (Do YOU?) Or do I have to hire an actual designer or webmaster (which I cannot afford)?

    Advice much welcomed. Thanks in advance.

    Daniel Tara

    The RSS issue is most probably caused by a plugin. Try disabling them one-by-one and see if it goes away.

    After Share This, the built-in social icons appear to me. If this is not what you want, maybe you’re not implementing a plugin properly. See if it has a function callback and hard code it in the template file. Also see if the plugin has a readme.

    I can’t think of anybody undertaking such services right now. Try your luck at the support forums, most probably you’ll find someone.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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