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    Him I love the beauty and visual focus of this theme, but the images we have are not in the same 6:4 or 3:2 aspect ratio. Because of this the gallery is showing black space on both side of each image, rather than taking a portion of the image and filling the whole box. Not a good look.

    I also see how bad it looks to have the large image in the post, and a rather large thumbnail right above it.

    Is there a way to work around all this? I tried the WordPress custom thumbnail crop feature, but after several careful tries and screen refreshes, no luck at all.

    Here is the site location: http://jeanne-michele.com/

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thx, Diane


    Hi again,

    I am continuing to try things to solve my dilemma.

    If there is no other way, I could actually make separate 6:4 rectangular crop of the photo, substituting these for the automatic ones to choose them from the library.

    However, I am confused about another aspect of this issue. On the demo, when I click and go the individual pst, there is no thumbnail showing like on mine.

    For example: your page: http://demo.onedesigns.com/minimatica/?p=42

    My page looks like this, with two images: http://jeanne-michele.com/?p=19

    I tried taking the mage out of one post, and just using the featured image, full size, but it puts only a large thumbnail into the post, and the gallery panel looks the same as before.

    Veyr curious and hoping there is simple a solution!

    Thanks again, Diane


    Further updates on my progress with the above issues:

    1. Next experiment done: I created 6:4 ration cropped images and uploaded these as the featured image in each post, and now the slider looks good. Ir looks this is necessary for any photos that do not have a horizontal format. Yes?
    Here is the front page Gallery now: http://jeanne-michele.com/

    2. I still cannot figure out how to get rid of the unwanted thumbnails on posts that have a featured image. Any recommendation? Here’s and example.

    3. Now I have noticed that if I add posts, there is a second 4-panel slider that cues up on the right side of the main slider, not sure if I can delete that. If not, than I will need to something in as a featured image on every post, yes? Do these come up in multiples of 4 every times you add new posts?

    Thanks in advance for helping me untangle these issues to see if this is the right theme for Jeanne-Michele.

    With cheer, Diane

    Daniel Tara

    The front page slider is the actual list of posts with a pagination of 4 posts per page.

    You can automatically resize and crop the thumbnail to the proportions needed by the theme using the [url=http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild/]AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild[/url] plugin.

    To display a single big image on top of the post, like [url=http://demo.onedesigns.com/minimatica/?p=42]here[/url], select the image post format in the right column when editing a post.


    Many many thanks, Daniel, your advice to use the image format for posts is helping a great deal! I can now see ;-).

    I am having fun now with using the gallery format to re-combine displays of images by category right on the front page.

    Here’s how it looks now: http://jeanne-michele.com/

    I haven’t gotten to the AJAX plugin, but will do so for sure later. This particular set of art images requires detailed image cropping and some edge repair, so that is a different deal. I will want to use AJAX for other sites I am sure.

    My choices make it a little convoluted to access the blog, but I found a way around that which will work well for this site with bullet point at the bottom of the category list.

    I have a couple questions in other areas, which I will get to soon in a new message, but this seems to be all set for now.

    Thank you so much!

    Cheers, Diane

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