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    How do you make a static homepage have the image slider? If i set my starting page to show my “home” page, i can get the static page i want but the image scroller doesn’t work. If I want the slider, i have to make the home page a showing of previous posts. Then, the slider shows the posts that i’ve marked as sticky and the images in them that i’ve made a featured image. But then, my home page shows all the posts below, which i don’t want. How do i have a static page with the image slider?

    Daniel Tara

    Try using the template “Landing Page”


    I have a solution for the homepage (or even on other pages) to have a slideshow on top of page (header). i added a plugin called “nivo slider for wordpress” today and it was EEEASSSYYYY. No code except copy on line and put it on the template.php page you want it to show up (I put it on my content/sidebar template.php, but i can add it to other pages). You can adjust everything with coding. you can adjust the size and i found 1140 x 470 pixels made my image slider take up the whole width and look good. nivo options allow captions to fade in and out and have a translucent color bar behind the words on top of the photo (you can even change the color of the bar). Easy is for me. NOTE: there are different “nivo” sliders, only pick the plugin called “nivo slider for wordpress” in the wordpress plugin window.

    I gave up with the stickies and adding images to posts and selecting images as featured – I got it to work after reading comments on these forums (after hours of back and forth). Wish we had a list of things to do from creator when installing – there was a specific procedure. I saw the end result and did not like that the image slider was not flush with the menu bar ( it was smaller inside each box or “post” -this might be nice for a photo gallery with captions but not an image header slider), the sidebar pushed the image over instead of starting underneath the image. the original demo i saw showed the image slider as a full width header. I want a image slider under the main menu on any page i want to put it (not justt he post templates) with an area to write on the left and a side bar on the right starting underneath the image slider header. I kept the theme and added the “nivo slider for wordpress” in wordpress plugins.

    the theme is great and better than most of the other free wordpress themes because it give so many template options and easy accessible color options. Leaves less coding and styling for the user.

    does anyone know how to make the logo larger height wise?

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