Sticky post breaks the home page slider?

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    Hi there everyone.

    I\’ve tried several things to resolve my problem, and nothing has worked yet. I\’d appreciate anyone\’s thoughts on what to try next.

    I have one sticky post that I would like to appear as the first image in the home page slider (that is, first on the left). The slider is set to the default of 4 images. However, five are showing instead, and the navigation arrow appears over the fifth image. When I try to click the arrow, I am taken to the post of the fifth image. Oh, and the fifth image doesn’t fit properly – it hangs over the edge of the black background.

    I\’d really like to find a way to remove that fifth image so that the navigation arrow will work, and I\’ll have the look of the four images in the slider (which I love).

    Here\’s an example of the five images and navigation arrow: [url=][/url]. This actually isn\’t my site, but the problem is the same.

    Many thanks to anyone with an idea about this!

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