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    Hi guys, I like your Pinboard theme, but I am heaving a hard time getting the slider to work. My problem is:

    I have got 4 posts I want to add to a Slider. After some trying it finally worked, I’ve got a nice slider now, but the posts are also showing on top of the normal posts, even though you wrote on your page, that sticky posts will appear only in the slider.

    and if i set them to “display: none”, the are shown in the slider and not as seperate posts, but then there is a lot of free space above the next “non-sticky-posts”.

    I hope you have an idea how i could solve this problem. Thank you.


    I’d like some clarification as well, right now they show up on my Latest Posts view and in the slider.
    Is there a way to make the stickied posts show ONLY in the slider?


    Don’t know if this is correct.. but what I did was create a category called “portfolio” – set the sticky posts to that category, and set the portfolio category as “excluded from main loop”.


    @Matthewmoran: Where can I exclude a category from the mainloop?

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    Under Theme->Options->General…

    The “Home Page” section has a checkbox to “Exclude Portfolio Category from main loop”. Check that.

    Below that, in the “Portfolio” section, you select which category you want to use as your Portfolio category. I created a category called, “Portfolio”.

    Then, for the slider, I categorize those blog posts as “Portfolio” – they will show up in the slider but not in the mainloop.

    They do show up in “recent post” – which is fine by me.

    Hope this help you.


    thank you very much, it worked fine like that. Greetings


    is impossible to understand how to activate the slide. You can have a step by step guide
    What is sticky? I use wordpress in Italian and there is such a word ..
    What is portfolio?
    portfolio because it is used in slide?
    I’m sorry but I read many posts and each with a different indication
    I apologize for my English

    Daniel Tara

    You can mark a post as sticky by clicking in the post list on “Quick Edit” and checking “Mark this post as Sticky”. I’m sorry I don’t know how that’s translated in italian.

    Portfolio is a category that you assign in Appearance > Theme Options > General and its content will display like in the demo.


    the exact german translation for sticky posts would be: “keep this post on top”

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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