Strange menu position and behaviour in mobile version of the site

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    When I view my Pinboard themed site on a mobile device (iPhone), the menu icon sits running into the logo rather than next to the search input. This only happened since I did a theme update to the latest version.

    Also, the menu drop downs in mobile format are very hard to click on. There is an drop down arrow to show the next level of navigation but all to often it doesn’t register it has been clicked and closes the menu.

    Finally, again on the mobile version, if I have sticky posts and the slider active on the home page, the drop down menu appears behind the pause, next and previous buttons in the menu.

    Any help please??


    Yep, the same issue appears on Android devices.
    Menu icon overlaps logo, while leaving the search box slightly on the left.
    The search box also always stays over the menu, while opened… (z-index: 999 ???)

    The menu icon should be repositioned downwards, next to the search box…

    P.S. Will further explore the css…



    Hi Martin

    Did you get any further with this issue? I have a site that is live so obviously could do with fixing this ASAP.

    Thanks for your help



    Hi Pete

    In fact, got some further, but not that further… πŸ˜‰

    You can try this “quick and dirty” trick. While it isn’t a clean solution, it may temporary “patch” the situation, until we find a better fix:

    Override some positioning rules at the end of the stylesheet, as follows:

    @media screen and (max-width: 760px) {
    #access {background:none !important; }
    #access .nav-show { top: 164px !important; }
    #access .menu {margin-top: 200px !important; }

    You may also need to adjust the pixel definitions depending of the size of your site title and/or logo image.



    I found a quick solution to the search box overlapping the menus on mobile on this other forum entry:

    It works by simply entering the suggested CSS lines in the custom CSS box under Theme Options > Layout.


    That’s it! Thanks a lot, danbec! πŸ™‚

    #header input#s {
    z-index: 0;

    Indeed, this will place the search box behind the menu.
    (I noticed that the current z-index is set to 999)

    P.S. It’s also a good Idea to use the Custom CSS box, as danbec suggested, instead of touching the theme’s files.

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