There are problems with minimatica Support forum.

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    I have to post it, because I have experienced a problem in minimatica support forum I can’t log in when I’m in minimatica support forum.

    By the way, I have an issue when setting images as featured images for post in minimatica. As you told me the optimun sizes were 600x400px I have uploaded 3 images 600x400px but when I set them to be featured images two of them are resized to 600x356px.
    You can check the outcome of my project in

    Daniel Tara

    I know about the issue with the forum, several people complained about it already and it’s affecting me as well. I’m still looking into it, however I’m planning to upgrade to bbPress 2.0.

    About the images, the only explanation is that a plugin is conflicting with the set values Try deactivating them one by one and see if any conflicts. Try also using the [url=]AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild[/url] plugin to recreate the thumbnails.


    Hi Daniel,
    thankx for the quick response. I have tried what you told me deactivating the plugins. The only plugin I had activate was the “contact form 7”, I deactivated it but still worked the same.
    I will try with AJAX Tumbnail Rebuil plugin and let you know the outcome.


    Hello I tried to install as Minimat templait free wordpress, I uploaded the photos and put the posts, the photographs in the home can not see, I see pages only, how do I see?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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