Thumbnail and standard size images (duplicate) being displayed in galleries

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    Hi. Thanks for the theme. It has been very easy to setup and looks very clean.

    My main problem right now is that every gallery I create displays duplicates, standard size and thumbnail size. I am not sure why.

    Side question if anyone feels nice. What do I need to edit in the php files to remove the side bar/search from all pages?



    Deleted the “Inserted gallery” from the post and saving with just [gallery] seemed to fix the problem.

    What is the proper way to create galleries.


    O.k. so I guess I did not figure this out. This is how I have been adding galleries:

    Add Post.
    Format Gallery.
    Add Images, set gallery options.
    Set image as Featured

    This adds an image/link to the home page. The only problem is that I get the images I “inserted” displayed and then below that the gallery displayed.

    Am I going about this wrong?



    I’m having the same problem! How can I have only the thumbnails show in the post, then when an image is clicked on the floating window appears to scroll through the images.

    Some guidance would be much appreciated….Ü


    This theme is SO rocking! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Is there an instruction video or how-to document on how to upload photos (pixel size etc) so that they show up in the slider and in the post, but not as duplicates in the post? When I click on an image in the slider it takes me to the page for that post, but there are duplicate photos – same size. I just need one! ;-D

    [b]What I know now:[/b]

    Photos are 600×400 pixels
    When uploading use the “insert feature” link in the upload so that the photo shows up in the slider.

    I installed the Ajax plugin, activated it, but not sure how it works.

    [b]What I want to know:[/b]

    What are the steps for uploading a photo? As in:

    (1) Do you use the image option in the custom fields?
    (2) Is there a category heading, such as “Featured” or “Headline” you must create?
    (3) Under the FORMAT box, do you select “Standard” “Image” or “Gallery”? I have tried all three and get duplicates or triplicates in the post itself.

    Thanks for any help and answers!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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