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    my site:

    Hello. I appreciate your theme an your work but I have two questions

    I try to translate the theme to german, but there is (so far) one thing I can’t find.
    If you are on an archive page you have a location note on top wich says ‘currently browsing’ in english followed by ‘category’ or ‘tag’.
    I can translate ‘currently browsing’ but not ‘category’ what leads to a silly mix
    You can see it e.g on this page Fischauge (means fisheye, btw)

    I use the jetpack carousel as a lightbox ‘plugin’ for galleries. Because it doesn’t support single images so far, I would like to use a lightbox that fits carousel better than your standard lightbox. It works if I open the posting and click the image, it doesn’t work, when I click the thumbnail on the homepage, that leads to a plain full image view (does that make any sense?)

    I would love to get a little help.

    Greetings from Germany

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