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    My message related to an older version of enlightenment-theme, but the situation is still the same in the actual version ;=(

    I found the POT-File enlightenment.pot in the folder themes/enlightenment/languages and translated it to enlightenment_de_DE_formal.pot

    when saving the translation as .mo-file, I run into the following errormessages of PoEdit:

    "a format specification for argument 1 doesn't exist in 'msgstr" for the lines 1 – 7

    this should be corrected

    I then noticed that not all texts were translated, for example “Load more posts” and examined all theme-folders.
    So I discovered that there is a second language-file, placed in the folder themes/enlightenment/core/languages
    and this languagefile contains an intersection of phrases with that one in the languages-folder

    so what???? To me this seems wrong.

    Which language file is used? Why are there 2 files?

    I would love to give you the german-formal-language-file when I finished the translation but I am not sure which one is the correct one.

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