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    Dear Daniel,

    I’ve created a Hungarian translation for this wonderful theme that I’m happy to share with anybody. Please find it here.

    However, I’ve noticed that several texts are not included in the pot file that are visible for the visitors and currently I don’t know how to translate them. I am referring for ie the On [date] or the Filed under texts.

    I thought the qtranslate plus plugin may cause some error but I doubt it since I couldn’t find the references in the files either. I’ve also created a child theme for my project but I don’t think it is affecting the situation.

    Many thanks for any feedback!




    OK, I figured out that for some reasons, only 88 entries are included in the translation file but I could translate 350+ lines by creating new files by extracting the content from the theme files.

    There are still some texts that I couldn’t translate (mainly in the admin area), the only apparent glitch seems to be that I’m unable to set the date format in the translation file.

    Please welcome updated files here or at the link above.

    Daniel Tara

    Thank your for your contribution. The theme does not customize the date format, it uses the date setting from Settings → General → Date Format.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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