Video Wrapper hijacking all rich content in post

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    It seems as if the javascript that converts audio and video within a post is converting all rich content including images within the single post area.

    I am using Ad Injection and am trying to add a random ad within the single post area. I would like this ad centered within the post area. However, it seems that it’s being assigned to the .fluid-width-video-wrapper id. If I try to change the attributes for this id to make the content centered instead of left-justified, it changes all media on the page including embedded video.

    This also happened when I tried to add the original sharing buttons to the bottom of each post – they ended up getting assigned to the .fluid-width-video-wrapper and the placement of these buttons overlapped eachother.

    I assume there is some javascript that looks for certain types of media on a page and assigns them the .fluid-width-video-wrapper ID. Is there any way widgets to the top and bottom of the single post are that would remain untouched by this, so ads and sharing buttons can be added?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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