When I add a full screen image to a page the text is suddenly shown twice!?

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    when I write a line of text in the edit mode for a page, then that line of text is correctly displayed (only) ONCE in the browser.

    Then I would like to put a fullscreen picture behind the text.
    I proceed as follows:

    a) Via the menu item SIDEBARS I create a Dynamic sidebar for this page.

    b) Then I add a featured image to the page and at the bottom of the page I select SIDEBARS -> FULL SCREEN
    and then in the pulldown menu I select the Dynamic Sidebar item from a)

    c) Via the menu WIDGETS I select CUSTOM QUERY together with the Dynamic sidebar created in a).
    Then I choose:
    Type: slider
    Grid: 1 column
    Query: Single Page
    Page: the name of the page

    The result:
    Yes, the fullscreen image is displayed.

    BUT the written TEXT is now displayed in the foreground of the picture (as desired) and a SECOND TIME under the on white background in the browser.

    Thus, the text is wrongly displayed twice in the browser!?

    Why is the text displayed TWICE in the browser!?

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