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Today we present you with our latest theme release, what we hope to be the best release so far. A stylish and modern minimalist theme with a beautiful image gallery slider and an optional blog view. With support for post formats, audio and video playback, ideal for showcasing photography portfolios or podcasting but also great for your everyday blogging …

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Today we present you with our latest theme release, what we hope to be the best release so far. A stylish and modern minimalist theme with a beautiful image gallery slider and an optional blog view. With support for post formats, audio and video playback, ideal for showcasing photography portfolios or podcasting but also great for your everyday blogging.

The theme comes with two view modes: a gallery view for photoblogging and the classical blog view. Supports post thumbnails, the all-new WordPress 3.1 post formats and takes them a step further by offering audio & video playback. You can download the theme below, view a demo or read further about the theme’s features.

Click on any of the sections below to get additional information:

Here’s a full view of the theme in Gallery View:

Minimatica Gallery View

And in blog view:

Minimatica Blog View


Here’s a list of the features this theme comes with. More information about each feature is presented below:

  • Gallery & Blog View
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Post Formats
  • Audio & Video playback
  • Clean, organized & documented code (yes, it’s a feature :))

How let’s get down to the details:

Gallery and Blog view

The theme is intended to be used for photoblogging, travel blogs, professional photography portfolios but also podcasting and conventional blogging. That’s why this theme came up with 2 views and the ability to change them. You can select which section is viewed in which mode and if you would like the default category view to be gallery, you can select one category to be styled as blog.

Post Thumbnails

The theme uses the theme post thumbnail feature to turn each post into a photography showcase. The gallery slider uses post thumbnails to display the image galleries and a featured image can be set for each post. This is useful even if you are not a photographer and have for example a travel blog.

Post Formats

The Theme Supports the WordPress 3.1 post formats image, gallery, audio, video, aside & link. Posts with these formats automatically detect attached media and present it to the viewer in a special format. You can read more about how post formats are handled in the instructions.

Audio & Video Playback

Minimatica Audio Playback

Introducing HTML5 audio and video playback! Taking advantage of the newest emerging web technology, this theme presents you with native audio and video playback and a fallback option for Flash Player if the browser does not support the HTML5 audio and video tags.

Additional Features

We have taken special care when creating this theme to follow all WordPress quality and security guidelines but without cutting on innovation and creativity, to give you a state of the art product. The theme’s code is clean and documented and the theme is designed in such manner that child themes can be easily built upon it. All theme functions are pluggable and can be overriden by child themes and the theme takes advantage of filters and hooks to ensure great flexibility.


Post Thumbnail Functionality

By default, Post Thumbnails will appear when posts are being viewed in gallery mode, in blog mode and also in single posts. Post Thumbnails will not work for pages

Image Post Format

Posts with the image format will display the last attached image on top of the post. The last attached image should not appear in the post content to avoid duplicate display.

Gallery Post Format

Posts with the gallery format will display a gallery of attached images, on 3 columns, and also offers a lightbox for full screen preview. Posts with the gallery format should not use the [ gallery ] shortcode to avoid duplicate display.

Audio & Video Post Formats

Posts with the audio & video post format will display the attached media files in a HTML5 <audio> tag with flash fallback. If more than one media file is attached to the post, then these will be used as fallback sources.

Aside & Link Post Formats

Posts with the aside & link post formats will be displayed as normal posts, but can be shown in the Ephemera widget in the sidebar.


The Theme includes a custom Widget, Ephemera, that can be used to display a list of the aside & link posts. The widget was copied from the Duster Theme.


For any support questions please use the dedicated section at the forum.

That’s it, happy blogging!

The theme is released under GPL. Feel free and encouraged to use, modify and redistribute it however you like.

130 thoughts on “Minimatica Free WordPress Theme

  1. I love the theme! I especially like how you integrated podcasting. Just FYI, I tried to subscribe to your RSS feed, but it doesn’t seem to work!

  2. I love minimalist themes, so I love this one! I’m actually using it now. But is there a way to view only one category as gallery, and the others as blog? ‘Coz with your feature, it’s the other way around. 😛

  3. Hi! I just added the theme and I loved it.
    The only problem I have is I can’t figure out how to add a picture to be shown at the home. Only the text appears…
    Would you help me please?

    Thank you!

    1. When you edit a post, click on the “Add featured image” link in the right column, select and image and click on “Use as featured image”. It will appear on the front page.

      1. Hi Daniel! Just installed the the theme and it looks great.

        After I’ve added the images using “add featured image”, I only see a thumbnail in the image’s web page. help!

  4. Thank you Daniel! I have one more question. How can I add a page to the blog and fix it at the botton with the categories that are shown at home? Thank you!

  5. We are using this template for our Open Source site.
    It is absolutely splendid design and most of the chaps at IT loves it.
    We will keep an eye on your site for “possibly” future template releases 🙂

  6. Hello again! Today I added my 2nd post but from the home the pictures don’t look as the one’s in the demo here. When you pass your mouse over the image just get one over the other and the text is not clear. Can you help me and tell me how I make it look like the demo? Thanks. Diego.

  7. i like this theme , but why in my home page, the post thumbnail isn’t work like your’s..
    what’s the problem on my web ??

    1. Add them using “Add featured image”. They need to be greater or equal in size than the post container, else they will be centered on a black background.

  8. Hello Daniel, this theme is brilliant if not perfection. I only just started looking into blogging so have no idea. I created a site but have no idea how I install this theme on the site. Please help! Thank you

    1. On you are limited to the themes that are offered there. If you want this theme you need to have a self-hosted blog.

  9. Thanks you very much for your reply.
    finally I can, my web now running as I wanted.
    I’m very grateful for this great theme.

  10. Wow, this is a beautifully designed theme. I’m sure a lot of thought and love went into this. Thank you Daniel for your creativity and ingenuity!

  11. It’s a amazingly elegant design. But I can’t figure the usage of video/audio out. Could you give me some sample or tutorial? Thanks a lot!

  12. Hey just updated to 1.0.7 and wanted to say awesome update! Looks even better for me! Keep up the great work. Telling all my friends about this theme, it’s just too good!

  13. Wow, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE your theme! I just installed it last night on my new blog, and I’m loving the way it looks! Thank you so much for your contribution!

  14. Hi Daniel, really great job!
    Sorry for my english and for my low level about WP. I want to start to use WP, and i think your theme is perfect 🙂
    I read u tell to ask some question about your theme in forum, so i don t know where… please can you send me specific URL about discussion of your theme?
    Sincerely thanks and again congratulations

  15. Hey Daniel, I see you updated your theme to 1.0.8, but I don’t see a changelog anywhere. Mind commenting or posting what was changed? I’ve made quite a few tweaks, so just kinda wondering if it’s worth my time updating 🙂


  16. Daniel:
    Really amazing work! It’s now up and running in the wp-based
    Beautiful presentation.
    I’d like to translate it to spanish and make some adjustments with special chars… may I take the translation back to you when it’s finished?

  17. I honestly love this theme soooo much! It is beautiful, and works wonderfully. It’s so easy to use, and is perfect for photo blogging and normal blogging. Thanks so much for creating it!

  18. I’ve tried and tinkered with a lot of themes, and never have I been so compelled to thank the theme author as I am now! The theme is so beautiful and useable. It’s what I’ve been looking for all this time! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

  19. I’m a WP beginner, It is a really fantastic theme. I decided to use this theme for my first WP site. Thank you a lot !!! It is the very one what I am looking for.

  20. Very beautiful! I’m translating and customizing it to use in one of my projects. Just wanna say thanks 😉

  21. Hello , I am Fernando from Spain, great theme, I love it.
    I want to use it in my thourism webpage about Amsterdam.
    Thank you

  22. My custom-built (read EXPENSIVE) website recently crashed when transferring from Windows to Linux hosting. The designer decided she didn’t want to do the work to fix it, and suggested I start over from scratch. REALLY? THAT is supposed to be an answer?
    Y’know it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. I’d been trying to figure out how to separate my offerings so people wouldn’t get overwhelmed by choices. Enter Minimatica and 3 new websites!
    Beauty, clean lines, and easy enough to use that I could do it all myself.
    No more expensive web designer, no more headaches. Four beautiful websites up and running in less than two weeks, including dismantling the previous site.
    Thanks so much for all the great work you put into it! Deepest appreciation & gratitude from a very happy WordPress convert!

  23. Whow, what a great theme! Why are you distributing it free? It’s sooooo nice, awesome and perfect. Respect, I’ll use it with very much love.

    Greetings from Holland

  24. Beautiful theme ‘=) I have a suggestion. For those of us that prefer to use a static page as the home page, there could be a way to insert a code that would generate a gallery of selected posts! 😉

  25. I too must add my kudos. Simply love the theme. Just brought it online and still adding content.
    I subscribe to the minimalist point of view and the theme fits that perfectly. I will support you!

  26. I have been asked to design a website for a paying client, am I allowed to use the minimatica theme for this purpose?

  27. I liked your theme very much, and to I’m planning to use it.
    Do you have any advise for the right place of google adsense? I don’t really want to destroy the stylistic look of the theme.

    1. You can put them in the sidebar, at the beginning or at the end of posts or in a box floated in the post content. AdSense doesn’t really hurt the design.

  28. Wow, this theme is wonderful. I love it. Clean, simple and eye-catching at the same time. Thanks for your efforts.

  29. We’re now building a website for our new small architecture studio. I just got here and found this amazing free theme. I really can’t thank you enough for this great stuff.

  30. Wow amazing! Very good job! I have been looking themes for days, this theme and themes at are not bad.

  31. Thank you, I have installed it. Still messin with it, but I guess it will be fine in a matter of time

  32. Thank you so much for this beautiful theme. I have look for hours for something elegant and uncluttered to show my portfolio and this is just perfect.

  33. Thanks for this fantastic template. Now I can show my work elegant and professional online. Unfortunately it does not work well on mobile devices. How soon you will have a upgrade without this important dysfunction?

    1. I’m not sure. To make the theme mobile friendly the slider would need to be made mobile friendly for which I do not have a solution yet. It would be nice to make this theme responsive though.

  34. Hi, I was looking for commercial themes, downloaded yours and am so pleased, I’m sticking with Minimatica. I was wondering, if addition to the reordering thing you are planning for your next release, is there an easy way you can either let us choose a category to populate the slide, or to have the slider skip any post that doesn’t have a featured image, to guarantee that there will be no black, blank slides? Your work is excellent, thanks for sharing it with us.


  35. Wow! I dont know how I arrived on this page, but what you propose for free template are just great. It’s a pleasure to find some free stuff whereas payable ones are not at this level…!!! Thanks for this Minimatica Theme i’m going to try right now …Seb the Frenchy 🙂

  36. OMG I love this theme!!!! 🙂 u r great! and thank you sooo much for your work and that you offer these themes for free. Thank you!!!

  37. This theme is really awesome and so far the only one I like and want for my blog. I am having a lot of technical issues with it but will post questions in the forum, and hopefully someone can help me soon 🙂

    1. Development on the Minimatica theme is currently halted. I am working on a theme framework that will unify the common features from all our themes into a single library which will be used to power all our future themes. Once development of that framework reaches a stable milestone, development of Minimatica will resume.

  38. I am very pleased with this theme, thank you very much indeed. I am using it to front-end a small stock library.

    I have one complaint with regards all ‘photographic’ themes, not just yours. In the real world the vast majority of professional photographers shoot in a vertical format, in fact the only photographers who shoot mostly in landscape are just that, landscape photographers. It’s annoying considering the latest theme style trend seems to be not only in landscape but ultra wide and narrow for which few photographers have suitable images.

    I think the first person who creates a ‘vertical’ theme is going to coin it. Just saying.

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