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Advertisment Fascinated about online pinboards? Do you like to display a multitude of media formats on your website? Do you like your content showcased in a beautiful grid? We have built a theme that lets you do just that. And we called it simply and suggestively: Pinboard. The theme has a responsive layout optimized for

Fascinated about online pinboards? Do you like to display a multitude of media formats on your website? Do you like your content showcased in a beautiful grid? We have built a theme that lets you do just that. And we called it simply and suggestively: Pinboard. The theme has a responsive layout optimized for the most common devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Pinboard has been designed with showcasing content in mind. It has several options for layout and the number of columns on which content is displayed and has a portfolio section if you wish to elegantly show your work. Are you ready to take this theme for a spin? Hit the download button below or click the demo link to see it like in action:

All the theme’s features come packed with the default settings and taked little effort to get it up and running but each of this feature has been built into a separate template in case you need do do advanced customizations to your website. Click on any of the sections below to get additional information about the theme:

Here’s a full view of the theme’s home page in Grid View, including the Featured Post Slider:

Read more below to see what this theme has to offer:


We have carefully crafted this theme so it can fit any type of content. It is comes with a responsive layout and an advanced and flexible grid powered by jQuery Masonry that automatically and smoothly adapts to changes to the viewport of your browser. Here’s a list of all the features this theme comes packed with:

  • Flexible, multicolumn grid
  • Responsive Layout
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Post Formats
  • Audio & Video playback
  • Dedicated portfolio section
  • Multiple layout options and custom page templates
  • Built-in design elements for creating custom layouts and landing pages.
  • Custom fonts and advanced typography options
  • SEO-ready and options that give you control over code semantics
  • Clean, organized and documented code


Adding descriptions to menu items

The theme’s navigation allows a small description to be displayed below each menu item. To enable this, in the admin panel go to Appearance > Menus, expand the menu items and enter its description in the field called “Title”. This will then automatically be converted into a description to be displayed below the menu item.

Adding thumbnails to posts

The theme supports the built-in WordPress featured images functionality. To add a thumbnail, when editing a post, open the upload tool, select the image you wish to set as thumbnail and select “Use as Featured Image”. Note that thumbnails appear only in blog post lists. To display then in single posts you need to insert them manually.

Adding posts to the slider

The slider displays sticky posts as featured. Mark the posts you wish to add to the slider as sticky
and they will be added automatically. Note that this mode disables the normal post order with sticky posts on top
and sticky posts will appear only in the slider.

Adding a Logo

The theme uses WordPress built-in custom header functionality to handle logos. To add a logo to your website, go to Appearance > Header and upload your desired image. You can then adjust the image’s width but not the height. The optimal size for logos is 196×48 pixels. Note that you need at least WordPress version 3.4 to benefit from this functionality.


For any support questions please use the dedicated section at the forum.

The theme is released under GPL. Feel free and encouraged to use, modify and redistribute it however you like.

We hope you will find great use for this theme. Please let us know how it has made your life easier by dropping us a comment in the box below. Happy blogging!

185 thoughts on “Pinboard Free WordPress Theme

    1. Yes, I totally agree that this pinboard wordpress theme is amazing, it is so elegant and easy to customize….change the background image which will give you a different design feeling. Great job. It is way better than some premium theme on the market. Appreciate that you guys have done the fabulous job.

  1. Really appreciate your hard work, just downloaded a copy of PinBorad theme, fell in love with it after watching demo.

    1. Thanks Josh! The theme has an option to change the navigation to an AJAX one without infinite scroll or the classic next/previous links.

  2. Thanks so much for the theme, truly a beauty and exactly the type of theme I had been looking for. It will make it easier to write since I’ll be happy to actually look at my blog.

  3. agreed with everybody here…I have spent months and months looking for themes i am happy with for a particular site. This is easily the best free theme I have ever come across. And much better than 99% of the commercial themes out there today. Great work!

  4. Very beautiful theme! Btw, why don’t you include “Blog, Right Sidebar” under Blog menu? Isn’t it nicer to have one?

      1. Oh, I see. But in contrast with the sub-menu, clicking on the main link that says “Blog”, while displaying the sidebar on the right side, it doesn’t display the blog content but only “Blog” caption on the left (in the demo). Is that on purpose?

  5. Thats the Theme i needed for my Free SMS Site. Thank you so much for the Theme it’s amazing and very nice. Go on with your Work 😉

  6. Hi Daniel thanks so much for this beautiful theme. If I install the theme directly from WP do i get all the same features vs downloading off this page?


  7. Ahh I can’t decide between this one and minimatica! They are both beautiful! Thank you so much for your amazing, generous work.

  8. Many Congratulations on this new theme.
    I am currently using Minimatica and it’s very successful.
    Thanks for your input and creative design

  9. Iv been around for some years. I have used many themes, free, paid, and various cms.
    This theme blows my mind and is very capable, functional, and attractive. Simply brilliant. I love it.

  10. Thank you for this WordPress theme. It’s very nice and the fact that it is free is very generous. You have some great talent. It took me a while to figure out how to get the widgets and image slider to show up only because (for the image slider) I couldn’t find out where to select posts as sticky. The only way I found out how to get these working is by reading the forum. It’s good to see that you are still providing updates for this theme. I know how time consuming it can be to create templates especially if you have a regular full time job.

  11. Daniel, just wanted to thank you for this great free theme, love it! Still working on my site but almost there…noticed your tweet on spam, when I installed the newest version I was overrun with spam but akismet seems to have it under control now. Thanks again!

  12. Awesome theme. I’m new to WordPress and have been through some training videos at Linda, but am a bit overwhelmed by this theme. Is there some in depth documentation of the templates?

  13. The most beautiful theme in wp repository, with clean & simple code, and it’s remarkably responsive! I customized it for my project with no problems.
    Thank you so much for it! 🙂

  14. Very good theme. But there are some big problems if you use adsense:

    The styles for the element: ins

    should be removed. For Blogs with many posts / pages, is this continous loading not good. You will never see the footer. Ajax loading or pages are here the way. 😉
    And JS and CSS should also be minified for faster loading. However, a wonderful theme based on the responsive 1140 grid. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your observations. I am aware of the issues with adsense and will fix them. There’s an option to make the navigation static and I don’t believe delivering minified scripts is a good idea because users will want to customize them. There are always plugins that can do that.

  15. hi,great theme this grid theme looks perfect for use.thanks for sharing it for free download.i am just download it ready to make a test.

  16. Hi Daniel — love this theme and am planning to use it for a new site I’m building. Are you able to tell me which typefaces you used in this theme? If I go ahead with it, I would like my other branded items to match with the same fonts. Many thanks!

  17. Your free themes are better than most. I’ve been using Cover for a while and I really like it. I’m setting up a music group site and was looking for something that would present images, audio and video equally well and it seems you’ve created this Pinboard just for me! When I break down and buy Elegant Themes or whatever, I’m coming here and clicking your link in hopes of supporting your fine work. Thanks!

  18. I have been using wordpress on several sites over the past 4 years and… I have to tell you that this is my favorite theme ever! Your work design is great.

    Thanks so much for making it !!!!!!

  19. Hey, thank you so much for the theme, it is awesome.
    I was wondering if you can update your theme as in for the social networking, have Instagram, and etc.
    Additionally, can you create a button with like a contact me thing? Like when the viewer clicks on it, it links to creating an email to the author?
    That would help me so much.
    Thank you so much again for the theme

  20. Pinboard is my favorite freebie WordPress theme by far. It’s the only one that I’m actually taking the time to really learn how to use its features and customize it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve recommended it to others. Great work, Daniel, and much appreciated!

  21. Your theme supports 1 menu. “Select which menu you would like to use.” 1 menu is not enough for me. I suppose one would have to purchase the full version to get more than one menu?

  22. Just dropping by to say thanks for this theme! I cut my website building teeth on this site and have to say that I love what I have done! thanks for making it painless for me!

  23. I am a rookie in wordpress, and this theme is really good and simple to use, but i am having trouble figuring out how to show posts preview with pictures on the home page like shown in the demo of the theme. if you can help me with that i’d be really grateful.

  24. Really a good free theme. I have been looking around for sometime and finally got one suitable. Previously I had bad experience with free themes but user review here confirms me there is no malicious code here. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I absolutely love this theme! It is everything I wanted, and after wrestling with so many other themes that didn’t quite fit he bill, this one is absolute perfection. I would love to buy you a cup of coffee. Where should I send it?

  26. Great theme Daniel. Really like the functionalities. Just made a review of it on my site dedicated to WordPress business themes

  27. this theme is just fantastic. despite the act that all the pictures are wonderfull, the uploader system at the bottom of the page is very clever, especially for loading home page quickly (wich is very important for search engines).

    Thank you !

  28. Beautiful theme, gonna try it out in my blog.

    However , I want to know another things — what is this plugin that creates such beautiful gravatar / avatar (talking about picture in a round shape)

  29. Would be nice of the stylesheet would support some new-type form elements like input[type=”email”]. Number of contact forms use theme for mail/tel/url etc.

    1. Thank you for your tip. We have already thought about it, just waiting for these form elements to receive wider usage before declaring custom style rules.

  30. I’m missing a feature to add own Javasript to header/footer just as piwik or google-analytics. Do I need a Child-Theme to solve that problem properly?

  31. I wanted to give my sincere thanks for providing this amazing theme! It is the most user and edit friendly I have used so far! I’m in awe of computer developers who give things for free on the internet. The community and connection… it’s a pretty beautiful thing. I hope more people will carry on this giving nature. Mr. Tara, if you are ever in the San Diego, California area or Oahu of Hawaii, please contact me as I would love to provide you a nice cooked meal. I am a chef. 🙂

  32. I just started using this theme to create a new website for my family’s business. So far it’s been incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The customization options are very well thought-out and it feels like you know exactly what I’m trying to accomplish!

  33. I LOVE this theme. It makes my blog look so elegant. I have not been able to figure out how to fix my banner to look like it does in the demo where the tabs are on top and one fo them includes ‘HOME” so that readers can return to the home page. Not everyone is going to figure out that clicking on the banner photo takes them back there.

      1. Ha, ha…yes, I figured it out. What I have not figured out is how to how create the look of the changing banner photos like in the demo.

  34. I just installed the 1.1.0 update and it’s still got the same problems introduced in either 1.0.8 and not fixed in either 1.0.9 or 1.1.0. What’s with this? the tiles don’t line up nicely: I keep having to go back to 1.0.7. How can you go 2 versions without addressing this?!?!?!

    1. I have tested the theme in a fresh environment using WordPress 3.5.2 and Pinboard 1.1.0 and it works without issues. I don’t know what the issue is with your setup. For some reason it’s not loading the jquery-migrate script. Unless you’ve done changes to the theme I can’t figure out that the reason is.

      1. Okay. I guess it’s probably on our end then. Have you tested with Multsite and/or domain mapping? I wonder if that’s the problem. This site is on a Multsite, with the WPMUDEV domain mapping plugin.

  35. Hi,

    i would like to start by thanking you for all your hard work and support. This is really great theme.

    i am still new to the wordpress world and have to say these tutorials here made my life easier.

    i came to know about this theme through Artheme and i can see he already wrote down few words here so i would like to thank him also for the Arabic translation.

  36. Very good theme,I have spent months and months looking for themes i am happy with for a particular site. This is easily the best free theme I have ever come across

  37. I love this theme but I regret that it’s not up to date for WordPress 3.6, it doesn’t support the default custom post types and it’s not easy to translate. If I want to translate I’ve to change most of the files in raw.

  38. Hey, I love the theme you’ve created. I just noticed it’s been updated to version 1.1.2. Is there somewhere I can go to look at the details of the update?

  39. Again thanks for your hard work,

    is there any possibility to get right to left version of this theme?

    if not what should i do to change the drop menu under the header from left to right and keep everything else without changing =)

  40. This theme is great. However I want to know if there a premium version of pinboard theme so that we will be able to get updates without fear of the theme being abandoned.

  41. hey. im new to using wordpress and i wanna download this theme onto my newly set up site. Can i know if it’s a MUST for me to upgrade my wordpress to premium in order to copy the css into my settings? Otherwise, is there any ways that i could paste the css of the theme into my settings? Please guide, thanks.

  42. how is this theme for adsense integration? looks beautiful! great job.
    Just trying to find a beautiful theme that I can monetize. thank you!

  43. Why Are You Distributing Pinboard For Free??? This WP Theme is Better Than The Majority Of Themes In This Category On Themeforest. At Least $55 Per Download.
    By The Way, Thanks For Such A Beautiful Gift… 🙂

  44. I’ ve already used this theme on one site of mine with wordpress platform… Pinboard is really excellent and has a clean graphics just like I like it… with these premises and products think I will pass definitely to abandon joomla sooner or later :-()…

  45. I’m building an new blog about designer bags now, has try 20 themes at last, some is buy from others, but I have to say this one is better than perfect is what i’m finding.


  46. Ok… i just downloaded the theme and the italian translation – hope i’ ll reach to install everything in a correct mode on my wordpress website… thx

  47. Hallo,
    I live in Germany and here almost everything is not allowed to download.I really love this Theme, I just would like to know if totally free, I wont be against any patent oder law ,right?Thank you

  48. Liked the pinboard theme, specially the option for Adding descriptions to menu items. Most of the themes don’t have them, but i personally like to use it.

  49. Great templates, thanks for sharing. I will actually use it on one of them on my projects. I just hope I will be able to install it correctly and of course modify it. 😉

  50. Hi Daniel,
    I use Pinboard theme for few years now and I’m still very very glad of it. Among the thousand themes that I’ve tried (I mean hundreds…), I always come back to Pinboard! Thank you for your job and your spirit of sharing it.
    Now today, I got just a little question: can’t we have a “full screen” option, in order to see it in all the larger without the background? thank you.

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